1 noun (U)
1 the act or sport of running: running shoes/track etc: New facilities including a pool and a running track.
2 the running of the way in which a business, home, organization etc is managed or organized: Brian took over the running of the company while his father was away.
3 be in the running/out of the running to have some hope or no hope of winning a race or competition: Bruno is still in the running for the world title.
4 make (all) the running BrE informal
a) to be the person who makes most of the suggestions in a relationship, plan, activity etc
b) to be in a competition, race, election etc
2 adjective (only before noun)
1 running water
a) water that comes from a tap 1 (1): Disease spreads fast in villages where there is no running water.
b) water that is flowing or moving: Many fish prefer running water.
2 running repairs small repairs that you do to a machine to keep it working
3 running total a total that is continually increased as new costs, amounts etc are added: Keep a running total of your expenses as you go along.
4 running commentary a spoken description of an event, especially a race or game, made while the event is happening: a running commentary on the basketball game
5 running battle/argument an argument that continues or is repeated over a long period of time
6 running sore a sore area on your skin, that has liquid coming out of it
7 in running order a machine that is in running order is working correctly
8 the running order the order in which the different parts of an event have been arranged to take place: changes in the running order for the teachers' conference
3 adverb three years/five times etc running for three years etc without a change or interruption: Sylvie has won the poetry prize for the fourth year running.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.